Wild Onset Oysters

One of our favorites here at Pangea, Wild Onsets are beautifully green and perfectly briny. They have strong, hearty shells that rarely shatter when shucked. Because they are wild and only picked at low tide, they are a special treat and an oyster to treasure!

Oysterology Details

Harvest Locations
Onset - Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Size and Availability
3.5 inches | November through March

Flavor Profile
Briny and robust with a mineral finish - extremely hearty! Great color variation in the heavily fluted shell.

Flavor Influenced By 

  • Salinity: 3.1% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  • Tides: Currents from Cape Cod Canal
  • Bottom Makeup: Rocky bottom with abundant seaweed

Growout Method
Wild spat sets on rocks. Fishermen pick them at low tide. Time to market: 3 to 4 years.